Bohus Fortress

Nearby places of interest

From Fästningsholmen it is not far to Kungälvs center. First you arrive to the beautiful Old Square with an old baroque church. There are also a lot of restaurants to choose between. Follow Västra Gatan to reach the shopping center with a variety of shops. Down at the river you can also find Bräckboden which is a famous biscuit factory, with all sorts of delights. Take the stroll along side Nordre River to get back to Fästningsholmen.

Travelling destination within a walking distance

  • The Old church of Kungälv
  • Västra and Östra gatan (West and East street)
  • Bergfeldtska garden
  • Göteborgs Kex (Gothenburg biscuits)

Restaurants and overnight stay

  • Kungälvs hostel
  • The Hotel Fars Hatt
  • The Nordic Folk high school (Nordiska folkhögskolan)
  • Restaurant Östra Tull
  • Restaurant il Trullo
  • Moodys café
  • Café Mormors Dagar (the café grandmothers day)