Bohus Fortress
Plan your visit Bohus fortress

Spend days with us

Every day a new adventure! We have over 700 years of Nordic stories to tell, and you can help us write the next chapter! Spend a day, or days, with us and we’ll give you moments and memories that will last a life time, and make you want to come and visit us again and again througout the year.

We’ve built a program that makes each and every visit, on each and every day, truly a unique adventure. Every day, we have a number of tours and activities for our visitors that are included in your admission ticket.

Give yourself and your family or friends a great day at the fortress: there’s no time limit for visitors. You can simply roam freely on your own, then go out to grab a bite to eat, and come back, all on the same day. Or plan a family weekend, and spend time with different generations: we have activities for all ages. Don’t forget that even dogs are welcome (just keep them on their leash, please!).

Activities included in your admission ticket include:

Discovering myths and legends. The fortress has a long and fascinating story where bloody sieges are tangled up with myths and legends!

You can tag along with our knowledgeable guides, a tour takes only about an hour. They love to answer questions, so challenge them! Do you know who started the construction of Bohus fortress and why? Who was Thomas Leopold, and why he was kept imprisoned here for over 30 years? Have people really been accused of witchcraft inside the fortress? Are the towers really named Father’s Cap and Mother’s Bonnet after two trolls? And just to make sure we’re not just making it up we have university specialists from the Folkuniviersitet, who come and help us with the important research work.

During your visit, you can also challenge your friends and your family at archery! Archery is an activity that tests your skills in concentration and coordination, and is suitable for everyone 6 years old and over. Our staff has been trained by Andreas Persson and Kungälvs (The King’s Elves) archery club.


  • April 13 –  May 14
    Open weekends and holidays at 11:00 to 16:00
  • May 15 – June 25
    Open daily at 10:00 to 17:00
    The fortress are closed June 23
  • June 26 – August 20
    Open daily at 10:00 to 18:00, Guidided tour 12.00 in English
  • August 21- September 10
    Open daily at 10:00 to 17:00
  • September 16- October 15
    Open weekends at 11:00 to 16:00


Activities that you can do on your own:

  • Rafting. We have two floats in the pond for both young and old. Normally, eight adults at a time can raft across the pond. You and your family can even race each other!
  • Photos. Don’t forget to charge the cell phone, and bring your camera! The view from the fortress is without equal and we have marked out the most popular photo sites. And, of course, you can instagram us #bohusfortress.
  • Hiking Trail. There’s a hiking trail around Fästningsholmen, offering on the one hand, beautiful, leafy glades, and on the other hand, majestic mountains and breathtaking beauty. If you want to be challenged, get off the beaten path and do your own exploring.
  • Walks in the idyllic Kungälv. Walk down to the Old Market Square and its beautiful Baroque church, dating from the 1600s, continue along the beautiful wooden houses on Västgatan and take walk up Kärleksstigen to admire the stunning panoramic views. You can even stroll past Sweden’s largest biscuit factory, Gothenburg Bräckboden, and then wander back to Fästningsholmen along the river.

See below for Bohus fortress from the bird’s-eye view, start planning your visit today and we hope to see you soon!