Bohus fortress has never been conquered despite 14 sieges and was built to be extremely difficult to enter. But the National Property Administration has high ambition when it comes to make the facility available for as many people as possible.

In May 2012 we inaugurated a new elevator that can take people in wheelchair between the different floors in the fortress. The persons in wheelchairs can easily by themselves control the elevator which can be reached through the north lattice gate where there is also a handicap parking for two cars that leads to the newly laid path to the elevator.

For the opening of the lattice gate please contact the staff at the entrance where you can buy your ticket into the fortress. There is also an outdoor latrine for disabled persons in the connection to the elevators upper entrance.

At the parking lot at Fästningsholmen there is a kiosk with a grill stand, and nearby there is also a harbor for visitors and a camping. There are a lot of possibilities for overnight stay and restaurants within a walking distance.

On the south side of Nordre River (Nordre Älv), close to Bohus fortress there is also a gas station and a connection point for public transportation.


At the kiosk with the grill stand there are toilets available for visitors, free of charge. And up in the fortress there are several indoor toilets014. The pavement requires comfortable shoes


Bohus fortress is a wonderful travelling destination but could be a dangerous place. We ask all the visitors to respect the barriers and fences and all parents/ adults with children must have their children under good supervision. Climbing on the walls is not allowed due to the condition of Bohus fortress being a ruin; where far from every stone is secured.

And lastly, we have a very unique flora growing here in the fortress which we are very proud of, we would very much appreciate if you enjoyed the flora were it grows on the site and not pluck them; most of our plants and flowers are protected but also poisonous.

There are possibilities to bring a stroller with, but the ground can be very uneven on places and if it rains it could also be very slippery. Dogs are allowed, but must be leashed. You are not allowed to bring or drink alcohol inside Bohus fortress neither under events nor under regular opening hours.