About Bohus Fortress

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Bohus fortress is an unprecedented Nordic heritage. Forces from Sweden, Denmark and Norway has unsuccessfully besieged the site 14 times and during more than 700 years.

Kings, Queens, witches and saints have put their mark on the history of the site. Prisoners have suffered hellish torment in its dark dungeons and in the courtyard there is still a well, built by the toil of condemned prisoners.

The fortress has been a ruin for the past two centuries, ensuring that its violent past is but a memory, today the site is a popular destination for excursions, far from gun smoke, witchcraft commissions and corporal punishment.

Nowadays, foreign visitors are more than welcome inside its walls, where peace now reigns most of the time.

The fortress of Bohus is owned and administered by Statens Fastighetsverk, the Swedish National Property Board and it is rented by the municipality of Kungälv since many years back. Together they are responsible for a more than 700 years cultural heritage which every year attracts 40 000 visitors, fascinated by Bohus history and its memorable surroundings.

Make a visit to the Bohus fortress, and be a part of the Nordic history

Bohus Fortress and Fästningsholmen is a perfect stop on the way to or from Bohuslän and Göta Älvdalen. The center of Gothenburg is only twenty minutes away and the city airport can be found on the way there. The fortress is easily reached by bus and you can even dock your own boat. Within walking distance from the Fästningsholmen you can find the beautiful Old Market Square and the picturesque Västra Gatan whose beautiful wooden buildings turn into little boutiques and Bräckboden in Göteborgs Kex. There are also several cafes and restaurants to be found.